Season 01, Episode 02 Script


NARRATOR: Previously on the Spoony Bard’s aural theatre production of Final Fantasy IV…

[RPG Rabbit: Insert one of those spliced-together sound-byte summary reels; I bet you’ll have fun with that.]

CALVIN: Welcome to The Spoony Bard’s Aural Theatre! I’m RPG Rabbit (and I’m Calvin Reburn), and this is a podcast in which we perform dramatic adaptations of retro video games, in much the same style as an old-timey radio play. We are performing Final Fantasy IV, using the original music and sound effects and dialogue as it appeared in this classic SNES title..

RPG RABBIT: In this, our second episode, we meet a large cast of new characters, including the Sage Tellah, the Monk Yang, and everyone’s favorite spoony bard, Edward! Old characters return, the threat of Baron looms, and much is lost.

CALVIN: Please enjoy episode two!

SOUND EFFECT: “Sleeping Music” [RPG Rabbit: You’d have to rip this directly from the ROM, I think, but I wonder if playing this little sleeping fanfare will give the aural cue to the audience that this is the next morning.] MUSIC CUE: FADE IN “Welcome to Our Town”

NARRATOR: The following morning, Cecil and Rydia awaken. Cecil climbs out of bed, strides to the lobby of the inn, and strikes a resolute pose.

Cecil: All set!

NARRATOR: Leaving the Inn, Cecil and Rydia explore the oasis town of Kaipo before moving on. Pleasant canals wind their way through the cobbled streets, and the high stone walls offer some protection from the desert beyond the town. In the street near the front gates, they ask a balding blonde man about the city.

Man: This is Kaipo, also known as the Damcyan Desert Oasis.

NARRATOR: Another man near the Weapons Shop has yet more useful information.

Man: Damcyan is north of here; it rules over the entire desert. People say the prince of Damcyan has a lovely voice, like a siren’s. He sounds a sissy, if you ask me.

NARRATOR: Behind the Inn, a woman in a pink and yellow dress shares the latest bit gossip.

Woman: Anna found the man of her dreams, but the sage Tellah didn’t approve, so she ran away.

NARRATOR: In the north of town on the edge of the oasis lake stands a young woman in a yellow bathing costume.

Dancer: I wanna go to Damcyan, but there are too many monsters in the Water Cavern. Hey, check out this dance.

MUSIC CUE: STOP “Welcome to Our Town” START “Can Can Song”

NARRATOR: The dancer takes a running leap into the water and disappears under the surface. A shapely leg emerges from the water, and then the dancer herself leaps above the water like a dolphin. She dives under the lake’s surface once again, displays a leg, then leaps back onto the land a twirls to a stop in front of Cecil. (MUSIC CUE: START “Welcome to Our Town”) Taken aback, Cecil escapes the scantily clad young woman, and returns to the center of town, where a bearded man in a red hat shares yet more news.

Man: Some damsel from Baron passed out on the outskirts of town. She was taken to someone’s house to rest.

*Woman: If you’re gonna travel with that little girl, you should move her over to the Back Row.

*(Kaipo Inn)

*Innkeeper: It’s 50 Gil per night. Will you be staying? (Yes/No)

    *(No): Please come again.

    *(Yes): Good night.

*Old Woman: I can’t believe Anna ran away. She and her father, the sage Tellah, are very close.

*Scholar: I’m a traveling scholar. I wanna go to Fabul, which is east of Damcyan, but some old man at the Water Cavern won’t let me though.

*Man: I really wanna go to the Antlion Cave east of Damcyan, but only the royals can go there.

*Barmaid: Well hello. We rarely have visitors, these days, what with all the monsters running around.

*Poster: Quench your thirst with Kaipo Punch!

*(Kaipo Armor Shop)

*Namingway: Well, hello. Do you wish to change your name? (Yes/No)

    *(Yes):Still wish to change?(Yes/No)

        *(Yes): Who desires a new name?

        *(No/Cancel): You have chosen wisely..

    *(No): Very well. If you ever change your mind, I am always at your service.

NARRATOR: The man in the red hat points the way, and Cecil hurries to a small house in the northwest corner of Kaipo.


NARRATOR: The front door opens into a neat kitchen. Two tables are set for a meal, and a cheerful fire burns in the fireplace. An old woman stands tending a stove.

Old Woman: We found a girl from Baron unconscious just outside of town. The poor thing’s been afflicted with desert fever. She keeps muttering to herself… “Cecil, Cecil.”

NARRATOR: Cecil rushes down the hallway to the home’s bedroom. He stops short in the doorway when he catches a glimpse of the still figure in the bed.

MUSIC CUE: FADE OUT “Welcome to Our Town”

Cecil: Rosa!

NARRATOR: He hurries to her side.

Cecil: Rosa…

MUSIC CUE: START “Theme of Love”

NARRATOR: Rosa stirs but does not wake.

Rosa: … … Cecil… …

NARRATOR: An old man in a red hood is keeping a watchful eye on Rosa in her illness. Cecil enquires information of him.

Old Man: To cure desert fever, you need a rare jewel called the Sand Ruby. It can only be found in a cave where the ferocious antlions dwell.

*(bookshelf): Cure for Desert Fever: Sand Ruby

NARRATOR: Cecil sets out at once.

Welcome to Our Town”

NARRATOR: Hurrying through the streets, Cecil and Rydia pass a young boy, who speaks excitedly.

Boy: I heard there’s a big monster with eight arms in the Water Cavern.

NARRATOR: On the way towards the city gates, Cecil is taken aside by an old woman.

*Woman: If you’re gonna travel with that little girl, you should move her over to the Back Row.

NARRATOR: Cecil and Rydia leave Kaipo in search of the Water Cavern, passing through the city gate into the wide desert beyond.

MUSIC CUE: FADE OUT “Welcome to Our Town”


FADE IN “Main Theme”

Heading north towards the mountains, the pair are attacked by great purple Sandmoths and their Larva, huge yellow and black caterpillars. Cecil does his best to protect Rydia from their onslaught, but her small frame cannot bear the weight of armor, and she is easily harmed. He recalls the advice he received from the woman in Kaipo and moves Rydia to the back row where she will be safer. Her courage sees her through, however, and she quickly gains greater confidence in her ability to cast magic both to harm and to heal. At the northern edge of the desert in a valley between mountains, the pair find the southern entrance to the water cavern.

MUSIC CUE: FADE OUT “Main Theme” FADE IN “Into the Darkness”

The Water Cavern is aptly named. The steep edges of the craggy path through the cave give way to flowing water below. Cecil and Rydia are attacked from behind by fearsome Cave Toads, enormous yellow and purple striped toads with fearsomely large tongues. Before Cecil can react, one of the toads strikes out at Rydia, battering her small body with a tongue that is larger than she is. She falls unconscious. Cecil defeats the toads alone, and then administers to her the party’s only potion of Life, which returns her to consciousness. Upon meeting their next foes in battle, three oversized and spiny clam-like monsters called Evil Shells, Rydia closes her eyes and, in a burst of green bubbles, summons forth Chocobo, a large, friendly-looking flightless bird who delivers several swift, sharp kicks to the monsters. After the Evil Shells lie defeated, Rydia discovers that she can cast the spell Bolt, which rains lightning upon her enemies. The watery foes of the cavern are highly susceptible to this magic, and as she and Cecil defeat the monsters of the cave, her strength grows. Soon, Cecil and Rydia cross a pair of rickety wooden bridges, where their way forward is barred by a robed and bearded old man with crazed white hair and dark glasses.

Tellah: Could that be…the dark sword–indeed! Dark knight, I need your assistance!

Cecil: What’s wrong?

Tellah: I must get to Damcyan to reclaim my daughter, who was deceived by a WICKED BARD!! We must hurry, for I sense an ill omen!

Cecil: You must be the sage Tellah.

NARRATOR: Tellah nods his head.

Tellah: Indeed I am. That girl! She is a summoner! Perfect! She can help, too! A giant monster lurks in the underground lake ahead. The devil even withstands my magic. Together, I think we can defeat it, and then I can finally be on my way!

Cecil: We’re heading to Damcyan as well.

Tellah: Then let us hurry!

MUSIC CUE: STOP “Into the Darkness” START “Party Member Join” [RPG Rabbit: You’ll need to rip this little fanfare from the ROM, too.]

NARRATOR: “Sage Tellah joined the party”

MUSIC CUE: START “Into the Darkness”

NARRATOR: The sage Tellah’s spells are strong indeed, and he, like Rydia, can cast both black magic of destruction and white magic of healing, although he cannot evoke the aid of summoned creatures as she can. The sage is strong and hale for a man of his reverend age, and he has forgotten more than Cecil or Rydia have ever learned. The sage knows much more magic than he can presently remember. In a pitched battle against a large group of Killer Fish and Water Bugs, Tellah attempts to recall powerful spells that he hasn’t cast for a long while. At first, he cannot remember a single spell and stands silent, but he suddenly recalls the spell Toad, black magic which transforms each of the foes before them into little frogs, useless creatures that the party can dispatch with ease! With Tellah fighting beside them, Cecil and Rydia are well-equipped to fight the monsters of the Water Caverns. The party follows a circuitous and confusing route through the cave, across bridges than span over waterfalls and deep streams of water. In the middle of the cavern, they discover a long flight of stairs that leads down into the shallow water. Wading through the waist-deep stream, Cecil ducks under a waterfall and discovers a secret cavern full of treasure chests containing potions of great potency, including a potion of Life to replace the one lost on Rydia. The party fights their way deeper into the cave. Just as Rydia is becoming too drained to cast another spell, they stumbled upon a heavy wooden door set into a wall in the cave. On the other side is a circle of small standing stones.

SOUND EFFECT: Door open. MUSIC CUE: STOP “Into the Darkness” SOUND EFFECT: Drip drop [RPG Rabbit: You’ll need to rip this one from the ROM.] (continues under for rest of scene)

Tellah: We’ll rest here.

NARRATOR: Tellah moves to stand in the center of the circle.

Tellah: This magic field repels all monsters. You can Save and use a Tent or a Cabin in here. Let’s rest in my Tent and prepare for the coming battle.

NARRATOR: Cecil and Tellah build a campfire. Soon, Rydia is fast asleep, snoring softly.

Tellah: Fast asleep. She must have been very tired. where is her home?

Cecil: Mist Village.

Tellah: She seems very gifted. With proper training, she’ll be able to master many spells. Look at her. She looks adorable…reminds me of Anna, years ago.

Cecil: Anna is…

Tellah: My only daughter. She eloped with a bard to Damcyan, because I didn’t consent to their union.

NARRATOR: Tellah looks away for a moment, then turns back to Cecil.

Tellah: What business have you in Damcyan?

Cecil: A friend of mine suffers from desert fever.

Tellah: You need the Sand Ruby. Acquiring it won’t be easy.

Cecil: Tell me more about this monster we must face.

Tellah: A vicious creature with eight huge tentacles. We must kill it quickly and reach Damcyan before it’s too late.

Cecil: Too late for what?

Tellah: I don’t know. I only pray my instincts are wrong…

NARRATOR: Cecil and Tellah sleep. The night passes without incident. The next morning, Cecil and the others prepare to leave the safe haven of the cave.

Cecil: All set!

NARRATOR: The party journeys farther through the Water Caverns. In a chest against the north wall of the cavern, Cecil discovers an Ice Rod, a suitable weapon for Rydia. Near the chest is another door set into the cavern walls. Passing through leads deeper into the caves. Here the waters of the cavern stretch wider and the path becomes a zigzag of bridges. A single enormous waterfall fills the north wall of the chamber. As Cecil and the others approach a third and final door, they are ambushed by four scaly Water Hags, creatures that look like the result of an unholy union [Calvin Redburn: You can keep this if you like, but I think it sounds silly.] [RPG Rabbit: Oh man does it ever sound silly. ] between man and fish. The Hags guard two seemingly harmless Tiny Mages who soon prove themselves a threat by casting Psych on Rydia twice in quick succession, draining her of all of her magic power in one fell swoop. These dangerous gnomes are highly resistant to magic, so it is only Cecil’s dark sword that can harm them. Conversely, when the party later encounters a pack of pink Jellies, these toothy blobs of ectoplasm can only be harmed by Tellah’s magic, and he melts them away with Fire. On the other side of another door, Cecil notices a chest at the end of a pier leading into the water. It contains a Dark sword, a blade that is much keener than his Shadow sword. Thus armed, Cecil approaches the cave’s exit.

Tellah: This leads outside. The monster lies in the cave beyond. Use a Tent outside if you must.

NARRATOR: Cecil, Tellah, and Rydia exit the Water Cavern (MUSIC CUE: FADE OUT “Into the Darkness” FADE IN: “Main Theme”) into a grassy valley penned in on all sides by steep mountains. The only way forward is through a cave to the north. The party pitches a tent and rests (MUSIC CUE: STOP “Main Theme” PLAY “Sleepytime music” START “Main Theme”). Once returned to full strength, Cecil, Tellah, and Rydia enter the cave to face the monster within.

MUSIC CUE: STOP “Main Theme” START “Weird waterfall noises” [RPG Rabbit: You’ll need to rip this incredibly obnoxious noise.]

A vast underground lake lies beyond the door. Stairs lead down into the water, which crashes over a precipice a few steps to the south into a gargantuan waterfall.

Tellah: He’s down there!

NARRATOR: The force of the water pulls Cecil and the others over the edge of the waterfall, and they tumble through the falls (SOUND EFFECT: “Splash!” “Falling” “Splash!”) [RPG Rabbit: Rom rips. Rip it good.] to emerge unscathed in a pool of water far below. Cecil, Tellah, and Rydia climb out of the water and traverse this new layer of the caverns in search of the monster. At the bottom of a set of rocky stairs, Cecil discovers two treasure chests containing a Hades helm and gauntlet, strong armor meant for a dark knight. Cecil adjusts his armor before the coming battle. Across a bridge and through one last door, the party emerges onto the shores of the underground lake. On the other side of a long bridge, Cecil discovers a chest containing a suit of Hades armor. Fortified as befits a true dark knight, he is ready to face the monster ahead. The party descends a small flight of stairs and splashes into the shallow lake. Approaching the waterfall, they can see two orange tentacles wriggling behind the sheet of water.

MUSIC CUE: STOP “Into the Darkness”

Tellah: There he is!

NARRATOR: Tentacle after tentacle bursts out of the water around Cecil and the others (SOUND EFFECT: “Splash! Splash! Splash!”), enclosing them in a cage of writhing orange flesh.

Tellah: WATCH OUT!

SOUND EFFECT: Battle start! MUSIC CUE: Start “Battle 2”

NARRATOR: The monstrous cephalopod Octomamm looms up out of the water before them, eight bright orange and purple striped tentacles surrounding a cone-shaped head that bares a crazed grin displaying two rows of pointed teeth. It swings wildly with its tentacles, first at Rydia and then at Tellah, but its attacks do not connect. Cecil slashes at it with his sword, and the spellscaster call down bolts of lightning upon its pointed head, searing away two of the gargantuan creature’s tentacles (SOUND EFFECT: “Tentacle slash”). [RPG Rabbit: This may be the same sound that the mist monster makes when it transforms, but I am not sure.] Cecil’s new Dark sword cuts keenly into Octomamm’s flesh, hewing tentacles from its body at a surprising rate. Soon, only two tentacles remain.

Tellah: Excellent! He’s weakening!

NARRATOR: Finally, Cecil finishes the beast off with a powerful slash of his sword.

MUSIC CUE: STOP “Battle 2” PLAY “Victory Fanfare” STOP “Victory Fanfare” PLAY “New Party Member Fanfare”

Tellah: Come now! Damcyan is beyond this waterfall!



NARRATOR: Cecil, Rydia, and Tellah emerge at last from the Water Cavern on the other side of the mountains. Beyond a grassy valley and across a span of desert stands the walled castle of Damcyan.

MUSIC CUE: STOP “Main Theme”

As the party approaches the burning sands, the staccato chop of propellers rends the still air. (SOUND EFFECT: “Airships”) [RPG Rabbit: Rip it real good.] Out of the east, three airships of the Red Wings soar over the castle and rain explosives upon it SOUND EFFECT: “Explosions!”) before speeding away to the west.


NARRATOR: Cecil and the others rush to the castle, which lies now in rubble and ruin.

MUSIC CUE: STOP “Run!” START “Damcyan Castle”

NARRATOR: The party enters through a gap in the cracked castle walls. The flagstones beneath their feet are pocked and fragmented. The still bodies of guards and soldiers litter the courtyard. The keep itself seems mostly intact, but once Cecil and the others enter through the double doors, it is clear that the devastation has reached here as well. Two soldiers lie dying in the rubble.

First Soldier: They took…the Crystal…

Second Soldier: The bombardment was too much.

NARRATOR: Cecil, Rydia, and Tellah ascend the stairs of the keep. The second floor is similarly full of the dead and the dying. The many treasure chests that fill the room are broken and pillaged.

*Soldier: The healing pots…upstairs…I must…

*Soldier: The bombardment was too much.

*Soldier: Ugh…my eyes. Who goes there? Don’t let them…get the treas…

NARRATOR: The top of the castle keep holds yet more tragedy. Among the broken bodies of soldiers lies a young woman in a fine gown with fiery red hair. She is motionless.

MUSIC CUE: STOP “Damcyan Castle”

Tellah: !? Anna!!

SOUND EFFECT: “DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!” [RPG Rabbit: Rip rip rip riprip.] [Calvin Redburn: This happens?] [RPG Rabbit: Totally. I’ve never heard this silly music in the game yet, but it is SUPER DRAMATIC.]

NARRATOR: Tellah hastens to her side. As he reaches her, a young blonde man in a feathered cap approaches tentatively.

Tellah: You! You’re that bard!!

NARRATOR: Tellah moves towards the young man slowly at first, then speeds towards him in an all-out charge.

SOUND EFFECT: “Battle Start!” MUSIC CUE: START “Battle 2”

NARRATOR: Tellah attacks the young man, flailing at him with his staff. He misses.

Tellah: YOU SPOONY BARD!    [Calvin Redburn: :D]

Edward: No! Wait!

NARRATOR: Tellah attacks again. His blow goes wide.

Tellah: DIE!

Bard: P-Please! Listen!

NARRATOR: Tellah swings his staff once more. He does not hit the young man.

Tellah: SHUT UP!

Bard: Forgive me! Please!

NARRATOR: Tellah attempts to deal yet another blow to the young man, and fails yet again.

Tellah: Take this !!


Anna: Father! Stop!

NARRATOR: Tellah lets fall his staff and hurries to his daughter’s side. Cecil and Rydia join him, and so does the young man, although he keeps a prudent distance from Tellah and his staff.

Tellah: Anna!

Anna: Father, Edward is…the prince of Damcyan. Forgive me, Father, for running away…but I love Edward. Still I knew I couldn’t find happiness…without your consent. I was going to come home, but…

NARRATOR: Edward, prince of Damcyan, speaks up.

Edward: Baron’s Red Wings, led by Golbez, blitzed us.

NARRATOR: Cecil turns to Edward.

Cecil: I’ve never heard of Golbez. Who is he?

Edward: I don’t know. His powers were beyond words.

Cecil: But why did they attack Damcyan?

Edward: They wanted the Crystal, and they spared no one to get it. My mother, my father… Anna shielded me from their arrows…

NARRATOR: There is a silence as Tellah regards his daughter.

Tellah: You love him that much…?

Anna: Father…forgive me. Edward…I love you…


Edward: Anna!!

Tellah: Anna!? Anna!!

MUSIC CUE: START “Cry in Sorrow”

Tellah: Golbez is dead!! DEAD!!

Edward: Anna! Anna, open your eyes. Anna, please! Don’t leave me!

Tellah: SHUT UP! Crying won’t bring her back!!

NARRATOR: Tellah storms towards the stairs.

Cecil: Tellah, wait!

NARRATOR: Tellah throws Cecil aside.

Tellah: I will kill Golbez! I don’t need you! I don’t need anyone!!

NARRATOR: Tellah strides down the stairs alone.

MUSIC CUE: FADE OUT “Cry in Sorrow”

Tellah leaves the party. Cecil moves to stand at the top of the stairs, looking after Tellah, but makes no move to follow.

Edward: Anna!!! <Snivel-snivel!>

NARRATOR: Cecil turns back and takes a step towards Edward, but Rydia crosses to the sniveling young man first.

MUSIC CUE: START “Melody of Lute”

Rydia: Stop crying!

NARRATOR: Edward turns to regard the little girl.

Rydia: You’re a grown-up! Grown-ups don’t cry! I lost my mom…but I’m not gonna cry anymore.

Cecil: Rydia…

NARRATOR: Rydia turns away from Edward and looks at her feet.

Edward: I don’t care. Leave me alone! I’m staying here with Anna. I will never leave her side.

NARRATOR: Edward looks down at the still form of his lover in silence. Cecil strides around Anna’s body behind Edward and slaps him hard across the face. (SOUND EFFECT: “Bard slap!!”) [RPG Rabbit: Rrrrrrrrip.]

Cecil: That’s enough! you’re now the rightful ruler of Damcyan, so start acting like it! You owe it to your people, and most of all, you owe it to Anna. King of Damcyan, my name is Cecil, and I need your help.

Edward: Huh?

Cecil: My friend is suffering from desert fever in Kaipo. I need to get the Sand Ruby to save her. Can you help me?

Edward: …What is her name?

Cecil: Rosa.

NARRATOR: Edward turns away from Cecil to gaze down at Anna’s face.

Edward: Rosa…she is very dear to you, yes? Like Anna was to me…

NARRATOR: Edward turns back to Cecil.

Edward: You can find the Sand Ruby in the Antlion Cave, which lies to the east. The ruby forms from the fluid that the antlion secretes when it lays eggs. We must cross the shallows with our hovercraft [RPG Rabbit: BECAUSE THE BARD HAS A HOVERCRAFT BTW] to reach the cave. After we acquire the Sand Ruby, we can cross the shallows to reach Kaipo.

NARRATOR: Edward looks back and forth between Rydia and Cecil.

Edward: Let’s get going.

Cecil: Thank you.

Edward: Oh, and please don’t call me a “king.”

SOUND EFFECT: “New Party Member Fanfare!”

NARRATOR: Prince Edward joins the party. Then Cecil, Rydia, and Edward file silently down the stairs. After a moment, Edward returns alone. He enters the room, but stops a few feet from Anna’s body.

Edward: Goodbye, Anna…

NARRATOR: Head down, Edward takes leave of his beloved one last time.



NARRATOR: Outside the ruins of Damcyan Castle, Edward and the others unearth the hovercraft SOUND EFFECT: “Hovercraft unearth!”). [RPG Rabbit: Rip a dip a ding dong.] It is a small, floating vehicle that hovers a few feet off the ground. With it, the party is able to float over the shallow waters that divide the Damcyan desert from the mountains that house the Antlion Cave. The hovercraft slides easily over the smooth stones of the shoals between the Damcyan desert and the crescent of land on which the Antlion Cave can be found. No monsters approach the party as they whiz along above the rocky water or the desert sands. Cecil and the others land the hovercraft on a patch of sandy ground at the mouth of the cave, disembark, and enter the Antlion’s den. [Calvin Redburn: I imagine this would make a good kind of audio-montage. Is there anything interesting you can describe, some flowery observation of the scenery?] [RPG Rabbit: Flowery as fuuuuck.]

MUSIC CUE: FADE OUT “Main Theme” FADE IN “Into the Darkness”

*Old man: I think I’ll withdraw to Kaipo. I should be able to get there easily from the shallows to the west.

*Old woman: I had planned to head across Mt. Hobs to Fabul, but the trail was blocked by thick ice.

NARRATOR: The Antlion Cave is not as extensive as the Water Caverns, but enemies aplenty lurk within. Edward, unused to the travails of battle, is neither very strong nor very fierce, but in his first battle against a chameleon-like Basilisk, he proves somewhat useful by revealing an ability to heal the entire party. He attempts to lull the monster to sleep with the sweet sounds of his harp, but it doesn’t work. In the next battle, it doesn’t work, either. At last, overwhelmed by the attacks of a giant Turtle, Edward runs away and hides, [Calvin Redburn: Again, I think this would be better as a thorough play-by-play description. Summaries, I think, are best when we’ve seen it before, but since this is Edward’s first battle I think it would be better to be present for all his initial fuckups.] and although Cecil attempts to call him back to the battle, Edward runs away again and again. It is soon clear that his only useful contribution in encounters is to heal. This seems to work well enough until Cecil discovers that unbeknownst to him, Edward has used all of the party’s potions. Thereafter, Edward hides during most battles. Luckily, Cecil’s sword and Rydia’s magic are more than a match for the creatures of the Antlion Cave. In a chamber of the cave’s second level, Cecil opens a treasure chest which contains Lamia, a new harp for Edward, but it does little to improve his abilities in battle. In the innermost chamber of the cavern, at the bottom of a wide, terraced pit, Cecil, Rydia, and Edward arrive at the Antlion’s nest.

Edward: This is where the antlion lays its eggs.

NARRATOR: Edward moves towards the center of the pit. The earth beneath his feet shudders, and two enormous red pincers shoot up through the sandy floor of the cave. Rydia jumps back.

Rydia: AAAH!

Edward: It’s okay. Antlions are quite tame. They don’t attack people. Here, I’ll demonstrate by getting the Sand Ruby.

NARRATOR: Edward walks between the pair of pincers, and they snap shut! (MUSIC CUE: STOP “Into Darkness” SOUND EFFECT: “Pincer snap!”) Edward jumps back, narrowly avoiding being sliced in two.

Edward: Uwaah!

NARRATOR: Cecil turns to Rydia.

Cecil: Let’s go, Rydia!

NARRATOR: Rydia nods in agreement.

Rydia: Yeah. Let’s get him.


NARRATOR: The antlion attacks! This insect-like creature is more absurd than frightening, crawling towards the party on useless-looking back legs and clawed forearms. Its bulbous head is larger than its body, and its saucer-shaped eyes gape blindly at them, covered over in a white film. Only its mouth looks dangerous, full of sharp teeth and flanked on each side by enormous pincers tipped with spikes. Edward strums his harp and sings at the creature, attempting to put it to sleep or drive it to distraction, but his music does nothing. Rydia summons forth Chocobo, who deals the antlion a mighty blow with its clawed kick. Cecil slashes at the monster with his Dark sword, cutting into its exoskeleton, and the creature retaliates by spitting yellow spikes at Cecil. Edward sings a song of silence at the antlion, but as the giant insect can neither speak nor cast spells, his song has no effect. As Cecil hacks away at the antlion, it becomes clear that every swipe of his sword is met with a rain of spikes. While these attacks do little against the strength of Cecil or Rydia, they cause grievous injury to Edward, and Rydia must frequently cease her offensive barrage to heal Edward. Against Rydia’s summoned Chocobo the beast has little defense, and she quickly finishes it off.

MUSIC CUE: Play “Party Join Fanfare”

NARRATOR: The party receives the SandRuby. (MUSIC CUE: PLAY “Suspicion”) Edward looks at the antlion’s nest.

Edward: How could this happen? They’ve always been so harmless.

Cecil: Monsters are rapidly multiplying these days, and their behavior is changing as well. I just don’t know why…

Rydia: Come on! Let’s go help Rosa!

Cecil: Yeah.

NARRATOR: Cecil, Rydia, and Edward return to the hovercraft.

MUSIC CUE: FADE OUT “Suspicion” FADE IN “Main Theme”

They maneuver the vehicle back the way they came, through the shallows between the Antlion Cave and the Damcyan desert. Bypassing the castle, they fly across the desert to the rocky shoals that border the desert to the west. Following the shallows south, they circumvent the Water Caverns and return to the great desert surrounding Kaipo. Traversing the desert in the hovercraft with ease, the party arrives at the oasis city.

MUSIC CUE: FADE OUT “Main Theme” FADE IN “Welcome to Our Town”

Cecil and the other hurry to the northeastern part of town, eager to restore Rosa to health. The enter the house in which Rosa is being tended (SOUND EFFECT: “Door Open”) and hurry down the hallway to her side.

Cecil: Rosa!

MUSIC CUE: FADE OUT “Welcome to Our Town”

NARRATOR: Cecil rummages in his pack for the Sand Ruby (SOUND EFFECT: “Item Select”) and holds up the gleaming jewel, exposing Rosa to the Sand Ruby’s light. A flash of golden illumination fills the room (SOUND EFFECT: “Gleam!”), and Rosa stirs.

Rosa: …Oh.

NARRATOR: The light fades and Rosa opens her eyes. She turns and sees Cecil standing beside her.

Rosa: Cecil. You’re alive!

Cecil: How do you feel?

MUSIC CUE: START “Theme of Love”

Rosa: I’m fine. I thought I had lost you. Weren’t you in Mist when the earthquake struck?

Cecil: Yeah. I’m sorry I worried you… Rosa, who is Golbez?

Rosa: He’s the new captain of the Red Wings, appointed by the king himself. The king has not been himself lately. I believe Golbez is manipulating him to collect the Crystals for himself. With Mysidia’s Water Crystal in hand, he’ll surely go after the other three–the Fire Crystal of Damcyan, the Wind Crystal of Fabul, and the Earth Crystal of Troia.

NARRATOR: Edward turns away and looks at the floor.

Edward: The Fire Crystal has already fallen into his hands.

Cecil: Edward is the prince of Damcyan. And Rydia is a summoner of Mist. I couldn’t have gotten the Sand Ruby to cure your fever without their help.

Rydia: Hi.

Rosa: Hello, Rydia. Thank you both so much. Cecil, after Damcyan, their next target must be Fabul. We must–ugh!

NARRATOR: Rosa struggles to keep her eyes open.

Cecil: You have to rest now. Don’t worry. We’ll go to Fabul.

NARRATOR: Edward turns to Cecil.

Edward: But to reach Fabul, we must traverse Mt. Hobs, and the trail is blocked by thick ice.

NARRATOR: Rosa opens her eyes and looks to Rydia.

Rosa: Rydia, can you cast Fire?

Rydia: …No.

NARRATOR: The little summoner turns away from Rosa and bows her head.

Rosa: Fire is the most elementary of black magic spells. As a summoner, I’m sure you can–ugh!

NARRATOR: Speaking is too much for Rosa.

Cecil: Rosa, stop! You’re definitely not coming with us…Not in this condition.

NARRATOR: Rosa turns to look at Cecil.

Rosa: I’ll be alright, really. As a white mage, I promise I won’t be a burden.

NARRATOR: Cecil does not immediately respond, but Edward turns to him.

Edward: Cecil…Rosa only wishes to be with you.

Cecil: …Alright. We’ll go together. Make sure you get a lot of rest tonight.

Rosa: Cecil…Thank you.

NARRATOR: White Mage Rosa joins the party. [RPG Rabbit: No fanfare here.]

MUSIC CUE: FADE OUT “Theme of Love” START “Cricket Noises” [RPG Rabbit: Ripping needed.]

That night, as the others sleep, Edward steps outside alone. The town of Kaipo is still and silent. Edward crosses a bridge over the canal and stands alone on the shore of the oasis lake, contemplating the water in the darkness.

Edward: …

NARRATOR: Edward takes out his harp and begins to play a plaintive melody.

MUSIC CUE: START “Melody of Lute” [RPG Rabbit: Cricket noises continue underneath.]


Edward: Anna, I miss you so much…

MUSIC CUE: STOP “Melody of Lute” SOUND EFFECT “Monster Noise”

NARRATOR: A cloaked figure lunges out of the bushes at Edward. He backs away.

Edward: Uwaah!

SOUND EFFECT: “Battle Start” MUSIC CUE: START “Battle”

NARRATOR: A Water Hag attacks Edward, lashing out at him with scaly claws.

Anna: Edward.

NARRATOR: A slender, ghostly figure shimmers into being between Edward and the Water Hag. It is Anna.

Edward. A-Anna!

Anna: You must fight, Edward. Believe in yourself.

Edward: Anna…

NARRATOR: The apparition fades away. Edward attacks the monster with renewed vigor, until it falls to his blows with a dying cry.

WaterHag: Gurrgh!

MUSIC CUE: “Victory Fanfare” FADE OUT “Victory Fanfare” FADE IN “Melody of Lute”

NARRATOR: With the monster vanquished, only Anna stands before Edward now. She floats over the waters of the oasis.

Edward: Anna! This can’t be true! This is a dream.

Anna: Yes, it is, and now you must go on. Goodbye Edward.

Edward: NO! Don’t go! I love you! Please, Anna! Don’t go!

NARRATOR: Anna’s spirit recedes from Edward, gliding backwards over the surface of the water.

Anna: You must not let Golbez have the Crystals. Fight for your people, Edward, and give them the same love you shared with me.

NARRATOR: Anna’s form flickers for a moment, and then she is gone.

SOUND EFFECT: “Crystal Gleam”

Edward looks out over the water.

Edward: Anna…I’ll fight. I’ll fight for you! But what am I to do without…I don’t know.

NARRATOR: Edward turns away from the water and stands silent and alone in the darkness.

MUSIC CUE: SLOW FADE “Melody of Lute”


FADE IN “Welcome to Our Town”

NARRATOR: The next morning, the party prepares to set forth from Kaipo to Mount Hobs, the first stop on their journey to the kingdom of Fabul.

Cecil: All set!

NARRATOR: Rosa says a fond farewell to the old couple who cared for her in her illness.

Old man: It was a short while, but you were beginning to feel like a daughter to me… Come by anytime.

Old woman: You must be Cecil. Please take good care of her.

MUSIC CUE: FADE OUT “Welcome to Our Town” FADE IN “Main Theme”

NARRATOR: Cecil, Rydia, Edward and Rosa leave Kaipo, reboarding the hovercraft and retracing their route, they follow the shallows to the north and back to the east towards the Antlion Cave. The hovercraft makes quick work of the long journey. Following a spur of land northeast of the cave, the party reaches the pass to Mount Hobs.

MUSIC CUE: FADE OUT “Main Theme” FADE IN “Mt. Ordeals”

NARRATOR: The pass into the mountains is a barren waste of grey stone cliffs. The path to Fabul is blocked by thick sheets of blue-white ice. The party climbs a set of stairs hewn into the rock, reaching a small plateau before the frozen barrier. [Calvin Redburn: Since this is the first time we hear this music, I think it would be good to extend the narration. What is the scene like? Is it so short? Can you flesh it out some — or, like, a lot?] [RPG Rabbit: This is a cutscene that literally lasts five seconds. The music begins and then immediately ends.]

MUSIC CUE STOP “Mt. Ordeals”

Rosa approaches the ice and examines it.

Rosa: Rydia, can you try chanting the Fire spell?

Rydia: …

NARRATOR: Rydia turns away from the ice and casts down her eyes. Edward turns to her.

Edward: Rydia, what is the matter?

Rosa: Give it a try. I know you can do it.


Rydia: …No.

Rosa: ?

Rydia: I…I hate fire.

Cecil: That’s right… Her village was destroyed by fire when…


NARRATOR: Rosa closes her eyes for a moment, then comes to stand behind Rydia.

Rosa: Rydia… You’re the only one who can melt this ice.

Rydia: …

Rosa: If we can’t get through here to Fabul, more people will be in danger. Please, Rydia.

Edward: Rydia, you’ve helped me. You’ve helped Cecil and Rosa. You have the power to help many more people.

Cecil: …

Rydia: … … …


NARRATOR: Rydia steels herself, then turns to advance upon the ice.

Rydia: Fire!

SOUND EFFECT “Fire noises!”

NARRATOR: Flames leap from Rydia’s hands. The stones around the party turn red with the intensity of the heat. The fire roars through the ice, melting it to nothing.

SOUND EFFECT: “New Party Member Fanfare!” [RPG Rabbit: I guess this fanfare is just a “A GOOD THING HAPPENED” sort of fanfare.]

NARRATOR: Rydia learns Fire.


Edward turns to stare at Rydia.

Edward: Rydia, you’re incredible!

Rydia: Tee hee.

Rosa: I knew you could do it!

Cecil: Thank you, Rydia.

NARRATOR: The party moves forward, following the path up the mountain. In the steepest places, steps have been carved into the stone. As Cecil and the others mount the first flight, monsters swoop in from the sky! (MUSIC CUE: STOP “Mt. Ordeals” START “Battle Music”) Two enormous blue and yellow cockatrices tear at Rosa with their talons, driving her to the ground with the intensity of their attacks. Cecil retaliates with his blade, and Edward for once manages to confuse one of the great birds with the music of his harp. Behind the cockatrices, a horned green gargoyle hovers on leathery wings. It whips its spiked tail at Cecil. Rydia casts Fire on the winged attackers, but it does little damage. These monsters are stronger than those that the party has faced before. Rosa prays for healing magic to close the wounds of her friends, but her prayer goes unanswered. In the meantime, the Gargoyle summons a small whirlwind that batters Rydia to her knees. Cecil presses the attack, and Rosa casts Cure on Rydia, bringing her back from the brink of unconsciousness. First one cockatrice, and then the other falls to Cecil’s dark blade. Rosa, who, in addition to her skills as a white mage wields a bow, which she aims with precision at the last Gargoyle. The Gargoyle sends his winds to tear at Edward before Cecil can deal the killing blow. (MUSIC CUE: “Victory Fanfare” START “Mt. Ordeals) Once the monsters are safely dispatched, the party must patch itself up before they can move on. At the top of the cliff, two passageways reinforced with wooden beams offer egress into the mountain. Cecil chooses the western passage, which leads out to a bare cliffside full of treasure chests. Before the party can reach the chests, they are attacked by four Bombs. Two are the same kind of flaming creature that burned Mist village to the ground, but the others are Gray Bombs. Rydia attacks the monsters with her ice magic, but the Gray Bombs prove resistant. Before Cecil can swing his sword at them, one of the Gray Bombs self destructs, exploding in Cecil’s face. Though the Gray Bombs destroy themselves with this tactic, they deal a devastating amount of damage. The party survives, however, and Rosa discovers how to cast Life, a powerful white magic spell that allows her to revive party members who have fallen in battle. After looting the treasures, the party discovers a circle of standing stones at the edge of the cliff, a place of magical safety at which they can pitch a tent and get some rest before making the final climb to the summit of Mount Hobs. Returning the way that they came, the party enters the eastern passage in the cliffside and follows it to the summit of the mountain. Below the high cliffs the forest stretches in all directions, looking small and distant at this great height. In a chest before the final ascent, Rosa discovers a few Holy arrows, which will be an invaluable asset against evil and undead creatures. As Cecil, Rydia, Edward, and Rosa approach the small plateau at the top of the mountain, they see a man beset by monsters.

Cecil: What’s going on?

MUSIC CUE: STOP “Mt. Ordeals”

NARRATOR: The party comes closer. The man is almost completely bald, with a single thin dark braid. He he is clad only in a pair of red pants. He is surrounded by five evil-looking [Calvin Redburn: What does it mean to look “evil”?] [RPG Rabbit: It means to look like a Goddamn Ringwraith.] menacing creatures with dark cloaks and glowing eyes. An enormous Bomb leers at him from the back of the mob.

Edward: That garb… He’s one of Fabul’s monks. I’m sure of it.

Yang: Kiai!


NARRATOR: The monk takes a flying leap at the monster on his left, destroying it instantly with the power of his kick. He jumps on a second cloaked assailant, slaying it as well. The three remaining creatures advance upon the monk.

Yang: Kiai!

NARRATOR: The monk attacks! (SOUND EFFECT: “Battle start!”) Three Imp Captains bare their daggers at the monk as he fearlessly takes a flying kick at the creatures, tearing through all three of them with the power of his charge. The Imps retaliate, but their daggers barely scratch him. The monk shrugs off the damage and punches one of the Imps, eradicating it at once. He makes quick work of the other two with another flying side kick. Though the Imps are no more, the Bomb advances on the monk!

Edward: Good grief! A BOMB!

Rydia: Let’s help him!

NARRATOR: Cecil and the others rush to the monk’s aid. (SOUND EFFECT: “Battle start!”) The Mom Bomb is fiercer and stronger than the Bombs that the party has faced in the past. While the rest of the party attacks the bomb with weapons and magic, the monk takes a moment to concentrate his power into a mighty punch that deals a great deal of damage to the Bomb. Suddenly, the Bomb flashes red and expands into an enormous flaming cloud with a fearsome face that glows with green and purple fire. Cecil slashes at it with his dark sword.

Cecil:Rydia: IT’S GONNA EXPLODE!” [RPG Rabbit: The game does not indicate who says this, so I guess Cecil?] [Calvin Redburn: I don’t think Cecil uses words like “gonna.”]

NARRATOR: The Bomb explodes detonates, raining hot ashes and flames upon the entire party, leaving Edward and the monk in bad shape. The single Bomb divides into six smaller Bombs and Gray Bombs! Rosa heals the burns of her allies while Cecil and Yang attack the Gray Bombs with blade and fist, and Rydia summons ice to slay the Bombs others. These fiery beasts are strong, and Rosa is unable to heal the damage quickly enough to prevent both Edward and the monk from being battered into unconsciousness. She hurries to revive them while Rydia uses her own white magic to heal. Rosa manages to restore both of the fallen men to life just as the last two Bombs detonate on Rydia and Cecil, who manage to withstand the attacks. Though barely clinging to life, the party is victorious! Once the Bombs are safely dispatched, the monk turns to the others and bows.

MUSIC CUE: START “Victory Fanfare” FADE OUT “Victory Fanfare” START “Mt. Ordeals”

Yang: You have my gratitude. Yang is my name. I am the high monk of Fabul. I came here to train with my men. Now they are all dead–killed by a swarm of beasts. And they were Fabul’s finest. [Calvin Redburn: How to sound like Yang: talk like normal and lower pitch by 15%.]

NARRATOR: Cecil introduces himself. [Calvin Redburn: This is made redundant by the following line of dialogue. Does Cecil do anything? Some kind of flourish?]

Cecil: My name is Cecil. We bring urgent news to Fabul.

NARRATOR: Rosa steps forward.

Rosa: A villain named Golbez abuses Baron’s authority to seize the world’s Crystals.

NARRATOR: Yang looks to her.

Yang: Then he covets our Wind Crystal as well.

Edward: There is no doubt. He easily seized Damcyan’s Crystal a few days ago.

Yang: …The odds are against us. The only monks left in the castle are students. They stand little chance against Baron’s forces.

NARRATOR: Yang casts down his eyes. Rosa goes to him.

Rosa: Golbez must’ve sent the monsters that wiped out your men.

NARRATOR: The monk nods.

Yang: …Then the attack is imminent. I must go.

Cecil: We will follow you to Fabul. We would like to help.

NARRATOR: Yang looks from Cecil, to Edward, and then to Rosa.

Yang: I am grateful; however, this does not concern you.

Cecil: But it does.

Edward: I am the prince of Damcyan.

Cecil: Rosa and I are citizens of Baron, and this girl is one of many victims of our kingdom’s recent attacks…which I have personally led.

NARRATOR: Rydia looks at her feet.

Rydia: …

NARRATOR: Yang nods at Cecil.

Yang: I see…I humbly accept your assistance.

Cecil: Let’s go. We haven’t much time.

Yang: Fabul lies to the east of these mountains.

NARRATOR: High Monk Yang joins the party.

MUSIC CUE: STOP “Mt. Ordeals” START “Party Join Fanfare” START “Mt. Ordeals”

The party enters the passage through the mountain’s summit, which leads out to a precarious wooden bridge that spans the space between two cliffs. The trees below look tiny, and a small lake is visible in a clearing in the forest beyond. The bridge safely crossed, Cecil and the others follow a long path full of switchbacks down the other side eastern slope of Mount Hobs before finally emerging on the other side of the mountains.

MUSIC CUE: FADE OUT “Mt. Ordeals” FADE IN “Main Theme”

Cecil and the others travel east over a narrow spur of land bordered on two sides by the sea. The spur curves to the north, where the party enters a dense forest surrounding a narrow, sheltered bay. The woods are full of the porcupine-like Sword Rats and their fiercer cousins, Needlers, who have the ability to shoot the needles from their backs at their enemies. The creatures are susceptible to the confusing strains of Edward’s harp, and he uses his music to make the monstrous porcupines turn on one another. Once free of the forest, the band of adventurers makes its way east into a broad valley ringed by tall mountains. Passing through the valley, they come at last to wide meadow bordered by the sea. A walled and fortified castle presides over a small island protected by a moat. Cecil and the others cross the bridge before them and enter the kingdom of Fabul.

MUSIC CUE: FADE OUT “Main Theme” FADE IN “Fabul”

The cobblestone bridge over the moat is flanked on either side by a pair of fierce stone lions, much as the raised portcullis at the end of the bridge is flanked on either side by a pair of fierce monks.

Monk: Master Yang! The king wishes to see you.

NARRATOR: The party crosses the courtyard and enters the central keep by way of an ornate wooden door bordered in gold. A red and gold crest adorns the wall above. Once inside the keep, it is clear that Fabul castle is a self-contained community. The first floor of the castle harbors an Inn, an Item Shop, and a Weapons and Armor Shop. Cecil stops by the latter and purchases elementally-imbued claws for Yang and a set of Demon armor for himself. Once armed, the party ascends the central staircase to the second floor of the castle. Here, Cecil and the others exit the central keep and move across the inner courtyard to ascend the stairs of the West tower. Passing through the bottom floor, which seems to be used for storage, and the second, which is appointed as a hospital ward, the the party reaches the top floor of the tower, which houses a simple apartment. Here they are greeted by a woman with bright purple hair.

Yang’s Wife: Where have you been? Off loafin’, I’ll bet!

Yang: This is my wife. Cecil and his companions came to my aid on Mt. Hobs.

Yang’s Wife: Well that was mighty kind of y’all. [Calvin Redburn: Maybe this is where Cid is from.] Hey, hon, ain’t you got someplace to be? I heard the king’s awaitin’ ya.

NARRATOR: Returning to the inner courtyard, the party investigates the East tower. The first floor contains a small dormitory for student monks. Two monks sit conferring at a table.

Monk: I heard there was some trouble at Mt. Hobs.

NARRATOR: A third monk lies in the farthest bed.

Monk: Master! I wasn’t sleeping! I-I was meditating.

NARRATOR: Cecil and the others continue to the second floor, a small tavern. A lone woman sits at the bar.

Woman: We’ll be safe as long as we stay in the castle.

NARRATOR: Her son runs back and forth through the back of the tavern.

Boy: Master Yang! I hear there’s bad guys coming. So you’re gonna kick some butt, right?

NARRATOR: In the corner to the right of the bar is a scantily clad dancer who appears to be staring at the wall. Cecil approaches her. She speaks with her back to him

Dancer: You wanna see my dance?

NARRATOR: Cecil agrees.

MUSIC CUE: STOP “Fabul” START “Victory Fanfare”

The dancer turns around and reveals herself to be a monk in disguise! Cecil starts back in amazement.

Cecil: What the–

NARRATOR: The monk leaps into the air and twirls onto the bar top. He strikes a pose in the center of the bar and lets out a fearsome yell.

Dancer/Monk: Kiai!

NARRATOR: Jumping to the other end of the bar, he pirouettes again.

Dancer/Monk: Kiai!

NARRATOR: Leaping through the air, he lands in the corner in which he began his dance.

Dance/Monk: Kiai!

NARRATOR: With one final yell, he turns his back to Cecil once more and resumes his disguise as a dancing girl. Cecil escapes up the stairs. At the top of the tower is a richly appointed bedchamber with opulent carpets and decorative swords hanging on the walls. An old maid approaches Cecil.

Old woman: This is the king’s quarters.

NARRATOR: Cecil and the others approach the bed in the center of the room.

Rydia: Let’s sleep in the king’s bed!

MUSIC CUE: STOP “Fabul” PLAY “Sleepytime”

Cecil: All set!

MUSIC CUE: START “Fabul” [RPG Rabbit: Look, I don’t know if we should include this wackiness, but this absolutely is a thing that happens. The text doesn’t indicate who suggests sleeping in the king’s bed, but that sounds like something a seven year old would suggest five people do.] [Calvin Redburn: It’s not integral to the plot, right? It does seem a little wacky. My mom’s dead, my village burned, monsters are attacking, Baron is about to annihilate another city that we are currently in — let’s see how many people we can cram into a bed!] [Calvin Redburn: To be fair, though, I imagine if I were a seven year old boy and you replaced “bed” with “cardboard box fort” I would probably react the same.] [RPG Rabbit: We should build a cardboard box fort.]

NARRATOR: Once rested, Cecil and the others return to the central keep and enter the throne room. The chamber is large, though much simpler than the throne room of Baron castle. The king of Fabul reposes on a large throne in the center of a short expanse of purple carpet bordered in gold. The walls behind his golden throne are hung with gold and purple banners and decorative swords. The king is attended by an old man in a blue robe. Cecil, Rydia, Edward, Rosa, and Yang approach the throne.

King: Yang, at last.

NARRATOR: Yang steps forward to address his king.

Yang: Sire, we must prepare for battle. Baron will attack us any second to steal our Crystal.

King: How do you know this?

NARRATOR: Yang indicates Cecil and Rosa.

Yang: These two are citizens of Baron. They came to warn us.

King: And these others?

NARRATOR: Cecil comes forward to stand behind Yang.

Cecil: Sir, we haven’t much time. The castle’s defense must be tightened immediately.

NARRATOR: The king addresses Yang.

King: Yang, can we trust this dark knight and his companions?

Yang: Yes. They risked their lives to help me.

NARRATOR: Edward steps forward to stand beside Yang.

Edward: I am honored to see you again.

King: Prince Edward!

Edward: Sire, Baron’s fleet decimated Damcyan and claimed our Crystal not long ago. Many died, including my parents…And my beloved. Damcyan’s tragedy must not be repeated!

King: Forgive me for my suspicions. Yang, mobilize the men for battle. Prince Edward, dark knight, will you help us defend Fabul?

    *(No): FF Director: CUT! Cut! Cut! [RPG Rabbit: If you choose this option, the game makes you leave the throne room, and you have to start the whole scene over.]

Yang: They have already offered to help, sire. We will join the forward guards by the main gate.

King: Very well. Will the ladies assist our medic? [RPG Rabbit: Yes, because the super-competent LADIES need to stay behind, not useless-ass Edward.]

NARRATOR: Rosa nods.

Rosa: Yes, sire.

King: Fabul’s fate rests in your hands. May we be victorious.

NARRATOR: Yang turns to address the others.

Yang: We will assemble at the main gate.

NARRATOR: Yang, Edward, and Cecil turn to leave. Before Cecil can leave the throne room, Rosa hurries towards him.

Rosa: Cecil!

NARRATOR: Cecil stops in the doorway and looks back at Rosa.

Cecil: Rydia, take care of Rosa for me.

NARRATOR: Rydia comes to stand beside Rosa and nods. Cecil turns and exits the throne room. Rosa and Rydia stand together looking after him.


NARRATOR: Cecil, Yang, and Edward take up their guard on the bridge before the gates to the castle. They are joined by three of Yang’s disciples. After a moment of tense waiting, another monk rushes towards them from the courtyard.


NARRATOR: Yang lifts his arm, waving his troops forward.

Yang: Attack! [RPG Rabbit: I guess we could end the episode here? After writing this up, I think maybe you’re right, we should end after Yang joins the party.] [Calvin Redburn: I think maybe end with the Monk: THEY’RE COMING! line, and then in the next episode we’ll just repeat that line as the lead-in to the beginning of the scene. Ending the episode with “Attack!” shows a clear direction for the next; omitting it leaves the audience tense with wonder.]