Series 03: Soul Blazer, Episode 06: Magridd Castle


From the peak of the tallest mountain to the bottom of the ocean, the Soul Blazer has ventured, vanquishing the monsters whose lairs imprison the souls of all living things.  Now he walks along the empty streets outside Magridd Castle.  Below the stronghold, in the fetid basement and in the two towers to the right and left of the Throne are the souls of those who brought upon this cataclysm.  Will the King find salvation?  Will Dr. Leo see his daughter again?  Is that an airship?

This episode’s cast includes:

Josh Burlock
The Master
Singer 1

Angeliki de Morgan
Queen Magridd

Nancy Homan
Bartender Lady

Asia Lederer

Mort Director
King Magridd

Anne Howell
Singer 2

Rory McDaniel
Magridd Guard 1

Calvin Redburn
Bunch of soldiers and whatnots

RPG Rabbit
Crystal Fairy

Robin Washburne
Maid E

Mathew Miller
(OU Esports Club)
Dr. Leo

Garrett Pegg
Soldier 6

Blackjack Gabbiani
(Youtube Channel)
Soldier 4

Chad Howard
Magridd Guard 2
Soldier 7
Left Tower Guard


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