Series 03: Soul Blazer, Episode 05: Dr. Leo’s Laboratory


Blazer descends from the tall Mountain of Souls to investigate the labyrinthian factory/laboratory hidden beneath the dilapidated floorboards of Dr. Leo’s home.  Here, Blazer communes with the many, uh, cats that Dr. Leo has as he battles robots and toy soldiers in search of the genius inventory.  In the thin place between sleep and waking, Blazer will ponder (silently; he’s a silent protagonist) the philosophy of an altruistic man who in service to his king doomed the world.

This episode’s cast includes:

Josh Burlock
The Master

Dustin Graham

Nancy Homan
Mouse 2

Hannah Carter
Mouse 4

Mort Director
Door 1

Blackjack Gabbiani
(Youtube Channel)
Mouse 3

Anne Howell
Office Cat

Houseplant 1

Rory McDaniel
Magridd Guard 1
Door 2

Robin Washburne
Cat 2
Marie the Doll

Mathew Miller
(OU Esports Club)
Dr. Leo

Garrett Pegg
Chest of Drawers

Chad Howard
Magridd Guard 2

Calvin Redburn
Devout Mouse
Cat 1

RPG Rabbit
Crystal Fairy


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