S03E04: The Mountain of Souls


The snowy peaks of the Mountain of Souls are wrought with monsters, but underneath the frigid surface is a barren cavern that once contained a community of fungi and snails, and tiny magical folk.  Blazer endeavors to bring them back home!

This episode’s cast includes:

Josh Burlock
The Master

Chad Howard
Grandpa 1
Grandpa 4

Dustin Graham
Excited Boy

Nancy Homan
Magician Grandma

Hannah Carter
Girl 1

Mort Director
Grandpa 2

Blackjack Gabbiani
(Youtube Channel)
Girl 2

Anne Howell
Snail 1
Snail 3

Secret Mushroom

Rory McDaniel
Boy King

Asia’s Friend Tom
Nome the Snail

Calvin Redburn
Mushroom 1
Mushroom 2
Mushroom 3
Grandpa 3

RPG Rabbit
Crystal Fairy


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