S03E03: St. Elle’s


Blazer travels to the Seabed Palace, or at least the roof of the Seabed Palace where he only needs be knees-deep in saltwater to begin his investigation at St. Elles.  Or St. Elle’s.  The game flipflops on that.  What is St. Elles/’s, anyway?  Is that the name of The Seabed Palace?  Alright, let’s go!

This episode’s cast includes:

Josh Burlock
The Master

Chad Howard

Dustin Graham
Lue the Dolphin

Robin Washburne
Mermaid NW

Nancy Homan
Mermaid Statue 1
Mermaid Statue 2
Mermaid Statue 3
Mermaid Statue 4
Mermaid Statue 5

Hannah Carter
Mermaid Guarding Treasure

Mort Director
Dreaming Dolphin

Blackjack Gabbiani
(Youtube Channel)
Mermaid Guard 1

Anne Howell
Mermaid Queen

Mermaid 1

Rory McDaniel
Servas the Dolphin
And the boy from Servas’s previous life
And also the boy’s father who seems a
little too excited to hear death approaching

Calvin Redburn
Dolphin Buddy

RPG Rabbit
Crystal Fairy


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