Season 02: Fallout, Episode 02: The Hub and Vault 15

So like…I guess we never made a post for this episode? Whoops. Man, I suck at keeping up with this website. In my defense, writing a blog on WordPress has not actually in any way qualified me to be a decent webmaster.

Calvin usually makes the posts, but I have taken over for tonight! But I’m not going to do anything exciting or anything. I’m just here to make up a post so it looks like we know what we’re doing (spoiler alert: we don’t).

SO! Episode 02:

Having failed to locate a water chip in Shady Sands, she and her partner head toward The Hub, hoping for better luck there, or at least a rope so they can further explore the ruins of Vault 15.  But what kind of people live in a thriving trading town in this wasteland?  How well will they take to one such as Natalia?


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