Podcast Episodes

Season 02: Fallout, Episode 01: Into the Wasteland

War has changed. – Snake.

Wait, that’s not right. Anyway, it’s finally here, after many delays and technical problems. Fallout is an RPG by Interplay that was released for PC back in 1997. It’s a turn-based game based in a post-apocalyptic retro-future wasteland in which the protagonist, who has spent (his/her) entire life in an underground shelter must go to the surface and seek a solution to (his/her) home’s malfunctioning water purification chip.

Last season RPG Rabbit was the narrator and Calvin was the protagonist, so this time we’ve switched places. Calvin’s putting on his best overly gruff weathered wastelander voice and RPG Rabbit asks a lot of questions. It turns out 98% of the things the protagonist says in this game are just questions. It makes sense from a gameplay point of view; when we, the players, interact with an NPC it’s usually to gain information about something. Theatrically, however, it sounds a little funny. Well, that’s just part of this podcast’s charm!

This season also features vocal contributions by a great many people from all over the place! Some friendly actors from the local community theatre here dropped by the studio (once just a desk in a bedroom, but we’ve since moved and the recording setup now has its own room!) as well as Internet folk.

Thanks for listening to our goofy project.



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