Podcast Episodes

Season 01: Final Fantasy IV, Episode 12: The Absolute Darkness, the Epitome of Hate

The final episode of this podcast’s first season!  Cecil and his company have come a long way, climbed many a mountain and fought many a foe, and all for what?  What is this foul alien demon thing and what is his aim?  Perhaps these questions will be answered in a clear, concise way to satisfy everybody but also maybe not!  Find out!

And get ready for our next season: Fallout!  The first episode is rumored to drop May 01, so…let’s hope we can adhere to schedule this time!

Thank you everybody who has offered their vocal talents for the upcoming season, and for those who tweeted or mentioned this podcast.  This is a niche audience, but there are probably a lot of people out there interested in just this sort of thing.  You can help us be more visible by rating us on iTunes or writing a review!  But it’s cool if you don’t; we’re pretty excited we have as many people tuning is as we do.

Stay tuned; next season has a smorgasbord of actors from all over the world.  We look forward to seeing (er, hearing) how this turns out.



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