Season 01: Final Fantasy IV, Episode 10: To the Moon

The gang boards an ancient floating whale and soars to the moon!  There on the tiny sphere they learn the name of the true evil behind all these nefarious events and it turns out the good guys and bad guys aren’t so different after all.

This episode we’ve also expanded outside of our limited actor resource pool and got a third person to come lend his voice to a few characters.  Can you find out who that is?  Hint: it’s not the guy who sounds like every other guy.  Much thanks to Sean Bassinger for his vocal talents!

We thought there would be one more episode, but RPG Rabbit is convinced the rest of the game will encompass two.  After those final two episodes, we’re transitioning into Season 2: Fallout.  We’ve already had a dozen or so people contribute their voices to it, but there’s still lots of roles available if anyone wants to lend their voices!  Send us a message @thespooniest or if you’re interested.


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