Season 01: Final Fantasy IV, Episode 08: The Land of Summons

The Bard wishes you all the spooniest new year.  To kick off this new calendar cycle, we’re providing you with this extra special average size on-time episode!

Edge, the ninja prince of Eblan witnesses his parents transformed into horrific monsters, a transformation brought about by the kooky Doctor Lugae who we met last episode.  Even Rubicant, the last of the four fiends of the elements thinks the doctor went a bit overboard.  Driven by a desire for vengeance, and a desire for Rydia, the ninja prince joins the troupe as they head to the Land of the Summons, that place Rydia was chilling at for a few days/hours/decades (?) when Leviatan ate her.

Time flows differently there.  Let’s hope our heroes don’t return to the surface as a team of determined geriatrics or something.



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