Season 01: Final Fantasy IV, Episode 06: The Tower of Zot

Who is, or was Zot?  Why does he have a tower?  Who built the tower?  Why is it only reachable by airship?  Does it reach the ground at all?  Why does Golbez and his minions have control over it?  None of these questions will be answered in this exciting episode of The Spoony Bard Theatre Presents Season One Final Fantasy Four (or TSBTPSOFFF, or if you’re not looking too hard “table spoon toilet paper piss offf.“)

Cecil hands over the crystal to Golbez in exchange for Rosa, but it turns out Golbez’s range of evil extends even into the realm of dishonesty.  From the top of the tower to the bottom of the dark underground city of dwarves, Cecil and his gang will endure great loss, but be reunited with old friends.  Can their friendship endure Golbez’s wrath as they race to secure the last of the crystals?

Check out the episode here: http://

And if you can spare a little time, write a review or rating or whatever over at iTunes!  We could use more listenership.  Do you know someone who would enjoy experiencing this classic RPG aurally?  Spread the word!  Kweh wark!

The iTunes page is here: I guess?  iTunes confuses even the spooniest of bards.


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