Season 01: Final Fantasy IV, Intermezzo 01

noun: intermezzo; plural noun: intermezzi; plural noun: intermezzos
  1. a short connecting instrumental movement in an opera or other musical work.


Perhaps we’re taking some liberties with our usage of the term.  This podcast might fall under the umbrella of opera with some creative allowances.  But this is a radio drama, a work not entirely dissimilar from an opera.  This word shares its etymological root with intermission, which may have been more appropriate but not nearly as pretentious.

Anyway, Calvin Redburn and RPG Rabbit could not provide you with Episode 05 this week because of some events that occurred during the latter half of October, notably the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, Halloween and also general mundane real life distractions like work.

What we have brought you instead is a nigh two hours of talking about the podcast.  Now is your chance to delve into the riches of two amateur podcasting gaming nerds’ struggle to create something creative and wonderful from the ever burning embers of nostalgic video games.  We talk about how this podcast came to be, what was the inspiration, our backgrounds in theater and gaming, our really, really, really rough introduction to sound editing and podcast production, and what our hopes are for the future.  Also, there is some time set aside to talk about the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, and we conclude with an embarrassing blooper reel.

You can find the episode here.


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