S03E03: St. Elle’s


Blazer travels to the Seabed Palace, or at least the roof of the Seabed Palace where he only needs be knees-deep in saltwater to begin his investigation at St. Elles.  Or St. Elle’s.  The game flipflops on that.  What is St. Elles/’s, anyway?  Is that the name of The Seabed Palace?  Alright, let’s go!

This episode’s cast includes:

Josh Burlock
The Master

Chad Howard

Dustin Graham
Lue the Dolphin

Robin Washburne
Mermaid NW

Nancy Homan
Mermaid Statue 1
Mermaid Statue 2
Mermaid Statue 3
Mermaid Statue 4
Mermaid Statue 5

Hannah Carter
Mermaid Guarding Treasure

Mort Director
Dreaming Dolphin

Blackjack Gabbiani
(Youtube Channel)
Mermaid Guard 1

Anne Howell
Mermaid Queen

Mermaid 1

Rory McDaniel
Servas the Dolphin
And the boy from Servas’s previous life
And also the boy’s father who seems a
little too excited to hear death approaching

Calvin Redburn
Dolphin Buddy

RPG Rabbit
Crystal Fairy


S03E02: Greenwood


Having vanquished the evil from Grass Valley, Blazer follows the trail of Deathtoll’s devastation to Greenwood, a sanctuary for animals built by Dr. Leo’s dog, Turbo.  Here, Blazer will set upon the swampy marshlands surrounding the now vacant village, explore the labyrinthine corridors of mystical temples, and work to save the world for all creatures!

This episode’s diverse cast includes:

Josh Burlock
The Master

Chad Howard
Lightbringer Mole
Mole 1

Nancy Homan
Bridge Bird

Garrett Pegg
Stump 2

Hannah Carter
Excitable Squirrel
Monmo the Mole

Mort Director
Crocodile 1

Blackjack Gabbiani

Anne Howl
Trio Squirrel

Deer 1

Asia’s Friend Tom
Dog With Good Smell
Squirrel With Emblem

Calvin Redburn
Stump 1
Stump 3
Twin Dog
Wood’s Guardian
Lonely Mole
Mole 2
Turbo the Dog

RPG Rabbit
Crystal Fairy

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